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Mistress Aoife is an Irish Dominatrix with many years experience in BDSM , Fetishes and role play. She enjoys nothing more than pushing submissives to their limits in play sessions, and skillfully Dominating and excerting control at all times.
A psychological BSDM player, Mistress enjoys gaining full control of her submissives , both mentally and physically.
As each session is unique to the submissive, Mistress likes to tailor the experience to get the most out of her slaves. Mistress thrives on the mental connection and intimacy formed between her and her submissives.
Submissives are left craving more and in no doubt that they have sessioned with a Superior Female BDSM Master.
Mistress travels to BDSM clubs abroad and is a lifestyle Dominatrix.
This is not a sexual service – understand fully what a Dominatrix is before contacting Mistress for a session.


BDSM can include a vast range of play interests . Mistress has spent many years practicing and perfecting her skills range in the area’s of play she enjoys.

Sessions are held in Mistress’s private city centre play space.

Play types Mistress enjoys:

Anal Play – stretching and training.

Ball busting

Behaviour modification


Boot / Shoe Worship

Breath control


Candle Wax play


Chastity Play

Corporal Punishment and Discipline



Domestic Servitude and maid training

Electro Play

Face Slapping



Forced feminisation

Human furniture

Humiliation – verbal ,physical

Impact play – flogging, paddles, crops, whips

Latex and Leather Fetishes

Medical Play


Needle Play

Nipple torture

Over the knee spanking

Pet play

Power Exchange


Role Play (interrogation scenes, school room, prison guard etc )


Sensation play

Sensory deprivation


Sissy training

Slave training

Small penis humiliation

Smoking fetishes

Spanking and OTK spanking


Torture Sessions


Urethral Training – Sounds

As BDSM can range across a broad range of play interests , there are also some area’s of play that Mistress does not enjoy, so therefor does not do. A play session should be an enjoyable experience for both Mistress and the submissive based on mutual likes. Every Dominatrix is different ,so if the play types listed below are what you are interested in , there may be another Dominatrix who will enjoy this type of play.

Play types Mistress is not interested in :

Financial Domination

Foot Fetishes

(This is a very common fetish , but it’s not something Mistress enjoys so therefore does not do)

Hard sports – scat play

Human toilet

Human toilet training.

Sexual Services

Mistress does not engage in any sexual activity , do not waste your time or Mistress’s by asking.

During sessions Mistress is fully clothed and does not engage in pussy worship, ass worship, breast worship or any physical type of touching.

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What is a Professional Dominatrix?

A Pro Dominatrix is a Professional BDSM practitioner who is the Top in a negotiated power exchange play scene.

A Professional Dominatrix is a female who has spent many years learning the skills of Bondage , Domination and Sadomasochism. In a play session the submissive hands over control to the Dominatrix ,and agrees on limits and area’s of play they are interested in trying.

Consent is vital in BDSM. Although the Dominatrix has control in the play sessions , safe words and negociation are must in BDSM play.

People have different reasons for visiting a Dominatrix They have an interest in BDSM activities and would like to experience something different. They may crave to serve a Female in a safe environment and explore their submissive desires. They may have a Fetish and want to discover more about themselves and their likes. They may wish to have their limits pushed and explore their boundaries. They may be a masochist who craves to feel pain or be humiliated. They may enjoy “role play “ where by they fantasies about being Dominated by someone who play’s out this role. They might wish to experience what is known as “sub-space” or a high which one can be reached during in intense play sessions.

BDSM is an erotic activity and can be arousing for some. This does not mean that BDSM is a sexual service or sexual activities happen within a play session.

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What to expect in a session?

Play space : Sessions are based in Mistress’s Dublin City Centre play space. Mistress owns a wide range of toys and equipment which she likes to use in her sessions.
Interests : After perfecting her Domination for many years ,Mistress enjoys a wide variety of BDSM erotic art play.
From torture sessions of heavy impact to sensual play Mistress likes to tailor each session as so both Mistress and sub will get the best experience possible.
Mistress enjoys bondage, humiliation, impact play, corporal punishment and cross-dressing to name but a few.
Mistress’s greatest enjoyment is control and power exchange.
A fetishist of latex and leather , Mistress enjoys wearing Fetish wear in sessions.
If you are interested in a type of play not listed, ask Mistress if she can accommodate.
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New Submissive!

Mistress often sessions with first timers or “newbies “ to BDSM. Everyone has to start their journey somewhere, and it can be extremely daunting for a new submissive when taking that first step. It is very normal to be nervous before your first session.

Often this will be the first time a newbie has even spoken about BDSM, or desires they have been having about submitting, and Mistress is very aware of this.

It is a good idea to do some research into play types and BDSM before contacting Mistress so you have an idea what it is you would like to try. Each session is different and varied depending on the agreed play activities for the session, but it is good to have an idea of what you might enjoy before you consider having a session.

Some newbies want to experience whatever Mistress would like to do for their first session, and that is fine also. During a negotiated scene a submissive will always have a safeword which is “red” ,and the play can stop if you feel you are being pushed too far. Usual it does not come to this, but some may find they get triggers or unease with some activity that they did not foresee being an issue.

What can seem scary and daunting at first can often be an incredibly liberating experience. Often submissives will say after the session that they wished they had done it sooner.

Mistress does not bite!! Often in sessions their will be banter or joking and its a very relaxed space to enter. Yes, there are session where Mistress will be a mean bitch throughout ,but this of course has been negotiated.

Usual within minutes of stepping into Mistress play space submissives nerves have eased and they know they are in safe hands.

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About BDSM!


BDSM when practiced with a Professional can be very safe. During a heavy impact session a submissive may be pushed to their limits physically, but knowing who you are sessioning with and having trust in their skill level is vital to remain safe. Bondage as an example when not done correctly can leave you with nerve damage. It is important when choosing a Dominatrix to session with that you are mindful of your safety.

Ask questions if you need to and always put your physical health as a safety priority.

Consent is the cornerstone of BDSM. All play scenes are negotiated and safewords are in place unless agreed otherwise. By agreeing to submit you are putting your trust in the Dominant and your safety in their hands.

BDSM is a very private practice for many of Mistress’s clients. Mistress guaranties confidentiality to all clients and expects the same in return. Often clients will return to Mistress for play sessions and an intimate “play relationships” develops. This allows boundaries and buttons to be pressed further, as Mistress gets to know her playmates better. This can be very satisfying for both Mistress and her submissives.

Subspace :

Subspace is a trance like state that a submissive may enter into during an intense play session. Subspace is when endorphins have been realised and a “floaty feeling” or high like sensation is felt by the submissive. This can be achieved in many ways including though : pain , sensory depravation , bondage or deep submission. Often submissives will not be in their full state of awareness and extra care and diligence must be given to ensure the submissive is safe.

Aftercare :

When leaving a session and in the coming days after, a submissive may be on a slight high from endorphins.

Particularly if you have endured physical marking you may feel amazing for a few days after play. It is important to understand that a drop may then accour .This is completely normal but it is important to mind yourself in the days following intense play. Exercise , rest ,eating well and doing things that will ease the drop, will all help so you do not “crash land”. If you do feel you are low a few days after a session, being aware that this is a normal feeling to have after being on a high, will help you manage this and help you to practice good BDSM aftercare.

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